Patient information

Your visit

Whenever you visit Marcelle Ruth, you can expect a warm welcome and a calm, caring environment.

At appointments with our consultants, we give you all the time you need to ask questions and absorb the answers. If you are coming for tests and treatment, we will advise you in advance how long it should take.

If you’re visiting Marcelle Ruth for the first time, call +234 906 200 0773, email or fill in our enquiry form to book an appointment. When we confirm the appointment with you, we will tell you what additional information or documentation you will need to bring on the day.

Paying for treatment

As treatment plans are tailored to individual requirements, the cost of care varies from patient to patient. However, all costs will be clearly itemised in a letter to you, before treatment starts.

There are three main ways to pay for care at Marcelle Ruth:

>     Corporate retainer

If your employer is registered with us, you can pay an annual or monthly fee that entitles you to care at our clinic.

>     Insurance

Depending on your level of cover, your HMO may be able to pay for some or all of the costs of your treatment.

>     Self-pay

The costs of your treatment are estimated in advance and you will be kept informed of any changes as your treatment progresses.

Insurance partnerships

We accept payment from the following insurance companies:

Frequently asked questions

What is cancer?

Cancer is a disease that happens when abnormal cells start dividing and multiplying in the body, usually causing growths. When growths are malignant (cancerous), they can spread through tissues to other parts of the body.

Cancers of the blood, like leukaemia, don’t typically cause growths, but instead produce unhealthy blood cells that harm the immune system.

What types of cancer does Marcelle Ruth treat?

Our specialist consultants and support teams have treated all of the most common forms of cancer as well as other rarer forms. Whatever cancer you have, we will assemble a team that meets your care needs precisely.

How much does treatment cost?

Treatments vary between patients and so do the costs. We will plan a course of treatment that meets both your physical requirements and individual preferences and give you an estimated breakdown of costs. As your treatment progresses, we will notify you quickly of any changes.

How do I get treatment at Marcelle Ruth ?

You can ask your doctor for a referral or book an appointment with us directly, by calling TBC, emailing TBC or filling in our enquiry form.

How long does cancer treatment take?

The length of treatment varies between patients. But generally, a course of chemotherapy will take between three to six months, with breaks of several weeks between doses. A course of radiotherapy usually lasts a matter of weeks; immunotherapy is likely to be a longer-term treatment option.

Depending on your type of cancer or the stage it is at, your care plan may involve two or more types of treatment in combination.

Can I bring someone with me to an appointment?

Yes. In fact, we recommend bringing a family member or friend with you for support.

Will I have to wait long for an appointment?

We aim to contact patients within 24 hours of a referral to arrange an appointment and in most cases, will ensure that patients have had their first clinical consultation within one week.

Can I get a cancer diagnosis from Marcelle Ruth ?

Yes, we have a fully equipped diagnostic centre where we carry out gastrointestinal endoscopy (gastroscopy/colonoscopy), mammography, ultrasound and CT scans. We also perform biopsies and blood tests, to confirm diagnosis and monitor the progress of treatment.

Does Marcelle Ruth screen for cancer, even if I don’t have any symptoms?

Yes, we routinely offer screening services for the four most common cancers: breast, cervical, prostate and colorectal cancer. We also have facilities to screen for rarer cancers where there is a positive family history or other indication that these need to be screened for.

What cancer treatments does Marcelle Ruth provide?

As well as surgery, we offer chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy, often in combination if appropriate to your treatment plan.

If I need surgery, can I have the operation at Marcelle Ruth ?

We can carry out surgical procedures in our two on-site operating theatres.

Where can I find out more about cancer and cancer treatments?

At Marcelle Ruth, we have an on-site library of information about cancer, including books and leaflets on different types of cancer and their symptoms, treatments and their side effects. Websites including and also offer detailed online information, advice and support.

Do you only treat cancer at Marcelle Ruth?

No, we also run specialist clinics for: sickle cell disease and other blood disorders; internal medicine; dermatology; and ophthalmology.

Additionally, we carry out laparoscopic “keyhole” surgery and internal radiology procedures to diagnose and treat a range of internal conditions. And we offer counselling, nutrition and physiotherapy services to support all-round physical and mental health.

Can I receive care at home from Marcelle Ruth?

Yes, we offer a range of home care services, including the delivery of chemotherapy treatment, nursing care and end-of-life care.