Breast care day

With passion and a commitment to #closethecaregap, Marcelle Ruth staff provided free ultrasound and mammogram screening to over 100 women at our recent breast care day.

The day was kicked off by veteran keep-fit trainer, Akash followed by dance-fit led by Ariya and Zumba Girl who all emphasised the fact that regular exercise helps reduce the risk of cancer (and other illnesses) and can be great fun too!

An educational talk by Dr. Olukemi Alegi, Consultant Clinical and Radiation Oncologist, and a demonstration of self-breast examination triggered a lively Q&A session in which prizes were won.

GE Healthcare kindly loaned us a second ultrasound scan machine, which together with our staff’s organisation and dedication, resulted in over 100 ladies being screened on the day!

We are grateful to our (anonymous) donors who contributed towards the success of the day, and to our delightful 96-year-old patient who donated 200 tubs of locally made Shea Butter cream as gifts!