ThisDayStyle supporting breast cancer awareness

Operational for just under two years, we have seen almost 500 Breast Cancer cases at Marcelle Ruth (including three male patients). Unfortunately, almost 70% presented with advanced cancer which meant it has spread beyond the breast to other organs such as the lungs, liver, brain and bones. Survival rates for these patients can be as low as 10–20%.

If patients come to us with early cancer (involving the breast and immediate areas only), the survival rate, following prompt treatment, can be as high as 90%. Our data (together with the rest of the world) confirms that if caught early, cancer can be cured.

Please read my interview with the team at ThisDayStyle who took me out of my comfort zone in fashionable clothes and makeup – but it was all worthwhile to pass on the important message that annual health screening and early detection saves lives.

Thank you to Ruth Osime for putting this in the diary from as far back as April, and to Konye Nwabogor and the rest of the team for following it through.

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